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Within our COGNIGY.AI platform you're able to connect your Cognigy resources to your Workplace channel by using our Workplace Endpoint integration.


Inject & Notify

You can use the Inject and Notify functionality with this type of Endpoint. For further details see:

Inject a Message to a Flow
Notify a Contact

Workplace Profiles

In your Workplace Endpoint, you will notice a section called Workplace Profiles. Here you can enable / disable several settings regarding how to handle contact profiles for the Workplace Endpoint.

Request Profile Data

The Request Profile Data exposes a contact's Workplace Profile information, such as their name and profile picture, in your Flow. If enabled, you can access this profile information in in your Flow. The table below shows some common information you will find in the object.

Key Description
Id The Workplace user's PSID. Each Workplace user has a unique id for each Workplace Team they talk to.
first_name The user's first name.
last_name The user's last name.
profile_pic A url linking to the profile picture of the user.
locale Information about the user's locale.
timezone The user's timezone.
gender The user's gender.


Data exposed in

Not every user on Workplace will have the same data exposed in the profile object. This depends solely on what data they have on their Workplace profile, and what their privacy settings are.

Update Contact Profiles

If this setting is enabled, then the information a Workplace user has on their profile will be copied over to their contact profile. This is very useful in order to easily fill the contact profile with useful data.

Merge Contact Profiles

Each user on Workplace has a unique ID, a PSID, for each Workplace page they talk to. This means that if you own two or more Workplace Pages, you will not be able to immediately identify users across these pages, since they will have a different ID for each page. However, if you enable this setting, we will fetch all of a user's PSIDs for your pages and merge these profiles into one profile. This means that you can easily identify a single user across all of your pages, and thus personalize the chat even more.


Requires a Business

In order to perform the API calls necessary to get all of the PSIDs for the user, the same Business needs to own all of the Workplace Teams. More information at: &

Custom Messages

You can send Workplace JSON with Code Nodes. For further informations see here.