Our Vision

COGNIGY.AI is the Conversational AI Platform focused on the needs of large enterprises to develop, deploy and run Conversational AI’s on any conversational channel.

Given the arising need of voice interfaces as the most natural way of communicating with brands, Cognigy was founded in 2016 by Sascha Poggemann and Phil Heltewig. Our mission: to enable all devices and applications to intelligently communicate with their users via naturally spoken or written dialogue.

Our Product

Confronting several challenges on the Conversational AI market, we have developed an end-to-end solution for everybody striving to integrate Conversational AIs into their business rote.

Our software combines every part of technology needed, from the point when text flows into our platform as input until the point when output gets handed back to the user. We also provide analytics in our system for constant improvements.

Starting with our self-developed NLU (Natural Language Processing / Natural Language Understanding), COGNIGY.AI offers state-of-the-art Intent mapping combined with Rule-based Intents and Keyphrase mapping. After analyzing the Input Object on more than 100 characteristics, our Flow Engine allows our customers and partners to create Conversational AI's in a very fast and user-friendly way in which no coding is needed.

For developers, COGNIGY.AI enables developers to fully extend their Conversational AI through custom code thanks to Cognigy's new powerful Code Editor which is based on Visual Studio Code. The Conversational AI can also be deployed across 5 of the most popular Endpoints using COGNIGY.AI's out-of-the-box connectors.

Conversational AI doesn't just stop with handing back output to the user. Analytics are an additional core element of our technology composition. Drill down into historical patterns across a range of KPIs and understand the performance of your Flows. Realtime Analytics show you how many contacts are active on a given Flow or Project at a time. For the first time we can also see full conversations, including all contact inputs and system outputs.

This documentation serves as a deep dive into the Key Concepts, the Flow Engine of our Conversational AI Platform and as a guide on how to deploy Conversational AIs on any conversational channel. It also introduces the endpoints we support.


What’s Next