Watson Assistant



You can use the Watson Assistant Connector to connect to IBM Watson's Assistant.


You'll need the following three credentials to successfully connect to the Watson Assistant service:

  • API Key
  • Workspace ID
  • Service URL


System Entities - Cognigy Slots

In case you want to use the DATE, NUMBER and DURATION slots of the COGNIGY.AI input object you have to add the following Watson Assistant System entities:

  • @sys-date
  • @sys-number
  • @sys-time

For a detailed description see the section below.


This section describes the necessary steps for setting up a Watson Assistant NLU Connector.

1. Create a Watson Assistant Service

Go to IBM Bluemix and login or create a new account. After logging in and getting redirected to your Dashboard you should be able to create a new resource by clicking on the Create resource button.


Scroll to the AI section and select as service Watson Assistant (formely Conversation).


Go through the creation process and open the settings page of your Watson Assistant Service. Here you should find the Launch Tool button, which leads to the tool for creating new Assistant skills.


Create a new skill by clicking first on the Skills tab and then on Create new.


Now you are able to add intents and entities to your Watson Assistant skill.

2. Add the System Entities (optional)

To add the system entities, which enable the possibility to access the DATE, NUMBER and DURATION slots of the input object, you have to click in the skill editor on Entities and then System entities.


Here you have to enable:

  • @sys-date
  • @sys-number
  • @sys-time

3. Get the Credentials

Switch to your skills overview of your Watson Assistant service. Here you should find all your created skills. Now click on the three-dotted button next to the name of the skill of your choice. Select View API Details. Here you can retrieve the following credentials:

  • Password which is the API Key
  • Workspace ID

Now you just need to get the Service URL. Go to the Watson Assistant settings page (path: Watson Services/Assistant) and copy the Url from the Credentials section.


4. Connect the Watson Assistant NLU Connector

The last step is to create and configure a Watson Assistant NLU Connector on our COGNIGY.AI platform.

Create a NLU Connector of type Watson Assistant. In the NLU Connector settings is a Watson Assistant Settings section where you can find the corresponding fields for the credentials. Enter the gathered credentials and you're good to go.