Using the Live Chat UI


Logging in

From our user interface, live chat is launched from the profile menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Please remember that the live chat option will only be shown if the live chat was enabled prior on your infrastructure.

As an agent, you can log into the Live Chat tool with the same credentials that you use for the Cognigy UI. You will need to have the 'livechat' access right set for your account to be able to use this tool.

Selecting a Chat

On the left side of the screen is a light-grey vertical Sidebar labeled 'Chats'.
It contains a list of active handover requests.
In the upper part, you can find handover requests that are assigned to you.
Below that, there are handover requests that are not assigned to an agent yet.
You can select a Chat by clicking on it.
The currently selected chat will be highlighted in the side panel.

Taking over a Chat

When there is a Chat selected, it will show in the light area right to the Chat list.
In the top area, the Contact's name (if available) and the used channel are shown.
Below the top area you can find the Chat History for this Conversation. Typically, it will contain the Conversation between the Contact and the Bot up until the point that the handover request was made.
In the bottom area, you can find an input to chat with the user (this is disabled if the handover request is not assigned to you)

Taking over

To take over a handover request, select it in the "Chats" list, then click the "TAKE OVER" button in the Live Chat's top section.


When the currently selected handover request is assigned to you, you can start chatting with the Contact by using the input field in the bottom of the page.


To finish a handover request you are working on, click the "FINISH" button in the Live Chat's top section.
This will mark the handover request as 'done' and remove it from the "Chats" list.
From now on, the Contact will write to the Bot again.


If you find yourself unable to help a Contact, you can 'drop' the handover request by clicking the "DROP" button in the Live Chat's top section, unassigning the handover request from yourself.
It will show up as a 'queued' for all support agents like before.


Using Contact Profiles

To give a Contact the best-possible user experience, an agent has access to the Contact's Profile. This can be helpful e.g. to call a Contact by his / her name.

Toggling the Contact Profile

Toggling the Contact Profile can be achieved by clicking the 'Person' icon to the right of the Live Chat's top section.


Updating Contact Profile Fields

When you help out a Contact via Live Chat, it might come to a situation where the Contact's Profile needs to be updated, e.g. when the last name changes or was misspelled earlier.
To edit a Contact Profile's Field, click on it (this only works if the current handover request is assigned to you).
A Dialog lets you change the Profile Field's value.


Using Agent Flows

Agent Flows are flows that are built to be used by support agents to support them with their Live Chats.

Toggling the Bot Chat

The Bot Chat area on the right can be closed by clicking the 'X' icon in the top right. To open it again, click the 'Chat' icon in the top right of the Live Chat.

Selecting a Flow

In the top left area of the Bot Chat, you can select a Flow that has been tagged "for agents".
As soon as a Flow is selected, you can start chatting with it via the Chat Input at the bottom.

Forwarding Messages

You can forward individual messages from the Bot Chat by clicking next to them (there will be highlighting to indicate what is part of the message). The full content of that message (the text and it's data - if it has data) will be copied over to the input section of the Live Chat. If it has data attached, that data will be indicated by chips under the input text area. By hovering a chip, you can see a preview of the data being sent. To clear the data, click the 'X' icon right to the data chips.

Resetting a Conversation

To reset a Bot Chat conversation, click the 'refresh' icon in the top right area of the Bot Chat section.