Deploy a Twilio SMS and WhatsApp Endpoint


This How-to covers the necessary steps for creating and connecting Twilio to a Twilio SMS Endpoint within Cognigy which also includes the ability to handle WhatsApp messages. If you want to get information about assigning a Flow to the Endpoint and setting up the Data Management see Endpoints.

Two Step Process

1 Create and Configure a Twilio SMS Endpoint within COGNIGY.AI
2 Connect Your Twilio Number to the Endpoint

1 Create and Configure Twilio SMS Endpoint

Location: COGNIGY.AI

Access to the Twilio Console

1.1 Create a Twilio Endpoint

First you have to create an Endpoint of type Twilio SMS (see Figure 1.1).


Figure 1.1: Creating a Twilio SMS Endpoint

1.2 Get the Endpoint URL

Move to the top of the Endpoint configuration page and copy the Endpoint URL which is displayed above the General Settings (see Figure 1.2).


Figure 1.2: Twilio SMS Endpoint and the Endpoint URL

2 Connect Your Twilio Number to the Endpoint

Endpoint URL

Login to the Twilio Console and select the number you obtained previously. Click on Manage Numbers and select the preferred number, which is capable of using SMS communication. Scroll down until you reach Messaging settings. Focus on the A message comes in section (see Figure 2.1: Configuration).


Figure 2.1: Configuring the incoming message webhook

Simply paste the Endpoint URL you have copied from COGNIGY.AI as a A message comes in Webhook.

That's it!

Take your phone and write a SMS message to the number!