Tokens enable you to use CognigyScript with shortcuts


Tokens in Cognigy.AI represent a piece of CognigyScript.


A Token representing {{ci.text}}

Within Text Fields that support CognigyScript, Tokens can be used to easily insert dynamic values.


The text with the Token above would produce the same result as the one below with traditional CognigyScript syntax


An Input field that supports Tokens has a button on its right end. To add a new Token at your current cursor position, click the button and the Token menu will open.


The Button to open the Token Menu


Token Menu Shortcut

You can also press CTRL+SPACE on your keyboard to open the Token menu


The Token menu

Select a Token in the menu by scrolling through or searching the list of tokens and clicking on the one you want to add. If you press Enter in the search field, the currently topmost token will be added.


See a Token's CognigyScript

You can hover your cursor on a Token to see the underlying CognigyScript.

Using Tokens

Once a token is added, when it is used it works exactly as if you had entered the underlying CognigyScript expression at its place. This allows you to quickly add common references, enhances readability and enables you to create your own shortcuts using the Token Editor.

If a token is deleted or the project is exported (tokens are not exported with the project), the tokens already in use remain in place with their existing values.
Creating a new token with the previous name after deletion/export can result in having a token with the same name and a different value from the existing usage. It is therefore recommended to only reuse names with caution to avoid confusion.