A Think Node is used to re-execute the Flow within one invocation.

Upon reaching this Node, the Flow will stop and then restart executing at the Start Node.

You may specify an input text and input data which will then be treated like a simulated message from the user.


Think NLU

When a Flow gets executed again via "think", the new message will also be sent through the NLU pipeline again, finding Keyphrases and matching Intents

TextCognigyScriptA simulated message text from the user.
DataCognigyScript JSONSimulated message data from the user.


In this section a simple example of how the Think Node works is given as well as an advanced example with an Execute Flow structure.

Simple Example

In this example we have only one Flow:


The Flow starts and we hit the Think Node exactly once. We then start the Flow again and terminate in the second execution.


Advanced Example / Execute Flow Structure

When using Execute Flow Nodes, Think Nodes within the executed Flows will restart at the top most executing Flow. In our example below we have Flow a that executes Flow b and Flow b executes Flow c from above:


When you start Flow a it will run down the Execute structure until we reach Flow c. In Flow c we hit the Think Node once and return to Flow a. The Execute structure is run down again and since we do not hit the Think Node again we terminate in Flow c: