Switch Flow


A Switch Flow Node is used to switch the conversation over to another Flow.

The next time a message is received from the user, the conversation will continue with the new target Flow.

If text or data is defined in the Switch Flow node, the new Flow will be executed immediately.

If the Absorb Context feature is enabled, the default Context of the target Flow will be applied to the current Context on switching.


Stops the Flow

When a Flow hits a Switch Flow node, it will stop executing.



Cognigy.AI checks how often a Switch Flow Node was hit without a user input in-between. The default setting for maximum loops is 4, but it is configurable for on-premise installations.


Seamless Switch

By passing over text and data from the current input object via CognigyScript, the new target Flow will be executed with a recreation of the current message, causing a seamless experience.


Open Target Flow

By clicking on the icon to the right of the Flow drop-down you can open the target Flow.
Make sure to save your Node first!

FlowselectSets the target Flow to switch to
VersionselectSets the target Version of the selected Flow
TextCognigyScriptText input which is sent to the target Flow after switching.
DataJSON + CognigyScriptData input which is sent to the target Flow after switching.
Absorb ContexttoggleApply default Context of the target Flow on switching.