Slot Question


A Slot Question Node is used to ask a question that requests specific information from the user. A Slot Question Node has an On Answer Node as child Node.

The question can be specified with all the functionality from the Say Node.


Slot Question Behavior

The Slot Question is non-blocking. This means that the user will be able to continue his conversation with the Flow if he's not giving an answer to the Slot Question. Before regular Flow execution, the System will check if the User Input answers the Slot Question to find a result.

Once a result is found, the onAnswer sub-Flow is executed and the found result is placed in ci.result.

After executing the sub-Flow, Flow execution will stop. You can change this behavior by disabling the SubFlowOnlyOnAnswer setting

Changing the Cognigyscript setting from "Parse on Answer" to "Parse on Question" allows you to access the user input that triggered the question (instead of the one that triggered the answer) using CognigyScript in the onAnswer block, e.g. with ci.text.


Slot Question Types

There are different types of queries that you can use, which are described in detail below:



This type of Slot Question allows you to extract the Keyphrase for a certain Lexicon Tag. It requires that a Lexicon is attached to your flow and contains a Keyphrase with the Tag.



This type helps you extracting dates from text, even relative utterances such as "yesterday" will be converted to a usable date object.



This will allow you to extract any number from the user input.



This will allow you to extract temperature information from utterances such as "101 degree" and give you the numerical value.



This will allow you to extract age information from utterances such as "21 years old" and give you the numerical value.



This will allow you to extract duration information from utterances such as "12 seconds" and convert it to a usable time format. It is able to handle seconds, minutes and hours.

Email Address


This will allow you to extract email addresses from an utterance.

Regular Expression


The Regular Expression (regex) type is a powerful tool that enables you to create your own rules for Slot Question parsing. Time to get creative!