Flow specific settings


Within a Flow you have the ability to disable the overall Project Settings (see Figure 1) and configure these settings for your current flow.


Figure 1: Use-Project-Settings Toggle

General Flow Logic

Additional confirmation words

Add your own contact responses to confirm an Intent and YN Question.

Additional negative confirmation words

Add your own contact responses to negate an Intent and YN Question.

Continue main Flow after attached Flow

See Attached Flows. You can disable this setting and stop your main flow after an attached flow has been executed.

Continue Flow after default reply

See Intents, disable this setting to stop the flow after a default reply.


Set your timezone.

Intent Mapper and Thresholds

Fine tune the behavior of the Intent mapper (see Intents)

Select ML Intent Mapping Model

You can choose between different intent mapping models. See Machine Learning Intents for more information. When the selection is changed, all intents must be retrained.

Enable Case Sensitive Intent Mapping

When enabled, case sensitivity and punctuation will be taken into account by the intent mapper. Disable this setting to ignore casing and punctuation in ML intent mapping.

Remove negated Intents

When enabled, Intents that are recognized by the Intent mapper as negated will be ignored. For example, a response "I don't like Pizza" for an Intent that responds to liking pizza, will trigger only if this setting is disabled.

Add Synonym Intents

Automatically adds more Intents for synonymous words

Map global Intents first

Maps attached Intents against the user input first, then local Intents

Learn new example sentences

The system is set up to self learn new example sentences from user confirmations.

Learn new example sentences threshold

How many users have to confirm a sentence before it becomes an example sentence

Forget question threshold

Number of contact responses after which a user's answer to a question is no longer registered.

Confidence threshold

Score from which on an Intent is considered confirmed if a confirmation sentence is set. Value between 0 and 1.


Adjust the Reconfirmation Threshold

The confidence threshold has no effect unless the intent uses confirmation sentences.

The Reconfirmation Threshold is your lower confidence bound - you must set it in addition to the Confidence Threshold. Intent scores above the reconfirmation threshold are confirmed or marked for reconfirmation.

Reconfirmation threshold

Score from which on an Intent is considered confirmed or marked for reconfirmation if a reconfirmation sentence is set. Value between 0 and 1.



Collect analytics data when enabled.

Allow data only

Collect analytics data when only a data input is provided. When disabled, an input with only a JSON data payload and no text input would be ignored, for example.