Schema Editor


Figure 1: Schema Editor Button


The schema editor can be used to create custom fields for contact profiles.


Schema Field

A schema field has a field name used in the user interface, a unique internal identifier Internal Name and a field type.

Field Types


The text type can be used for saving string.


Figure 2: Creation of a Text Schema Field

In the Flow Editor you can assign string values to this field by using code nodes:

cp.favouriteFood = "pizza";

or by using an updateProfile node.


With a number schema field you're able to store numbers in the contact profile.


Figure 3: Creation of a Number Schema Field

we can access and edit it via code node:

cp.luckyNumber = 6;

or by using an updateProfile node.


A schema field of the type YesNo works like a boolean and can accept two values.


Figure 4: Creation of a YesNo Schema Field

and create a schema field of the type YesNo. In a code node you can access and set it via:

cp.isHungry = true;

Or you can edit it by using an updateProfile node.


The complex schema field can contain json objects with nested properties. You can use it to store more complex values than just simple strings, numbers or booleans.


Figure 5: Creation of a Complex Schema Field

In the flow editor you can assign json objects to this field in a code node:

cp.complexData = {

and by using the updateProfile node.