Project-scoped Profiles


For advanced users, we provide the feature to add data to a users Contact Profile that is limited to the particular project it is set from.


The project profile for the project "TEST" with one value stored


To read from and write data to a Project Profile, use a Code Node and access the cp._project object.

If you want to e.g. add the parameter "anyKey" with the value "hello world" to the users Project Profile, use a Code Node and add the line cp._profile.anyKey = "hello world".


If this Node is executed, the user will have a new entry in his cp object. Unlike other Contact Profile data, the keys and values in the _project object will change dependent on the current project.


The Project Profile viewed within the


Project Profile data is only accessible within its project, therefore access to the project is needed to view a Project Profile. If you don't have a project assigned to your Cognigy user account, you won't see its data when viewing a user's Contact Profile.


Viewing Project-scoped Profiles as an Admin

If you have admin rights within Cognigy.AI, you'll be able to see all Project Profiles a user may have, even those from projects not currently assigned to you.