Prebuilt Intent Models


Prebuilt Intent Models help you get started faster by providing a number of Intent Collections - a selection of questions (intents with example sentences that match user utterances with high accuracy) and generic answers. These collections are considered as inspiration and should be adapted for your needs. Therefore, you find them here as editable CSV-files for your convenience.


Default Replies

The Intent Collections contain example sentences and default replies you can change and add easily in the CSV file before import or in the Intent view of your flow once imported. If you want to process an intent in the flow itself, you should remove the default reply or check the flow’s “Continue Flow after default reply”-setting.

Available Models

You can simply import the Intent Collections as described here.


Existing Intents

Note that importing the Intent Collection replaces all intents in your flow and overwrites your current intents. If you have already defined intents that are not included in the Intent Collection, consider importing these intents into a new flow.

The following Intent Collections are available:



Collection Download



Download CSV

Human Resources


Download CSV



Download CSV

IT Service


Download CSV

The Intent Collections may only be used in conjunction with Cognigy.AI.

Please contact your Cognigy representative for the ZIP password.

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