A Playbook is a an automated conversation which you can execute in order to test your created Flow. For that you can add assertions to the playbook to verify the received responses from your flow.

Creating a Playbook

By clicking the 'plus' button at the end of the list, you can create a new playbook.


Create Playbooks directly from the Interaction Panel

You can also turn any conversation in your Interaction Panel directly into a playbook:

  1. Go to the Interaction Panel and chat with your bot
  2. Click the top right Secondary Action ... button
  3. Select Create Playbook

You will be taken to the Playbook Editor with a new Playbook based on your chat history. You can now go on and add assertions and additional steps.

Playbook Editor

This Tool is used to edit a Playbook.

Playbook Properties Editor

Within this area, you can change settings that apply to the Playbook directly.

Set the Playbook's Name

Changing this will rename the playbook in all listings.

Toggle 'abort on error'

This setting determines whether to continue after a failed step or abort the playbook on the first step with errors.

Set timeout per step

To set the timeout threshold for each step in the playbook, type a duration in miliseconds into this text field. If a step takes longer than this threshold, an error will be thrown in the playbook player.

Delete this playbook

You can delete the playbook by clicking the 'more' icon in the top right of the Properties Editor and then selecting 'Delete Playbook'

Playbook step list

This list contains every step in the playbook.

Selecting a step

You can select a step for editing by clicking it in the list view.

Create a new step

To create a new Step in this playbook, click the circular 'plus' button on the upper edge of the step list. The new step will be appended to the end of the step list.

Sort steps

By dragging a step in the list by the left icon, you can reposition it in the step list.

Playbook step properties editor

Within this section you can edit the properties of a step.

Edit input text

This is the actual message that is being sent as text.

Edit input data

This field contains the optional data that can be attached to a message. It has to contain valid JSON

Delete step

To delete a step, click the 'more' icon on the upper right of the step properties editor, then select 'delete step'

List of Assertions

Add assertion

You can add an assertion by clicking the 'plus' icon in the lower left area of the playbook step properties editor



Set assertion params

This area contains a form dependent on the assertion type. Independent from the type, there is always the option to negate the assertion, resulting in the exact opposite of the usual outcome.

Delete assertion

To delete an assertion, click the 'more' icon in the upper right section of the assertion, then select 'delete assertion'


Expect the state name to match a string


Expect the context to either partially match or entirely equal a json pattern

response text

Expect the text of one or more response messages to either include or exactly match a string

response data

Expect the data of one or more response messages to either partially match or entirely equal a json pattern

Editing a Playbook

By clicking one of the playbooks, the playbook editor will open, enabling you to edit the playbook.