Omni-Channel Experiences

Cognigy supports the creation of true omni-channel experiences, where a user starts communicating with a Cognigy Flow on one channel and later continues on another.

How does it work?

Contrary to websites, most conversational channels don't allow for the tracking of users via cookies or IP addresses. For example all Facebook Messenger requests to Cognigy come from the same IP, regardless of the Messenger bot being used.

That is the reason for why we have to use explicit personalization where a common user ID is known. The Contact Profile is then merged against this common ID, so that the Profile values are available on all channels.

Implementation Example

We want to have an Alexa Skill and Facebook Messenger Bot that share information (e.g. a preference).

  1. The Alexa Skill has Account Linking enabled, meaning we have to log in before we start the skill
  2. The Facebook Bot also uses Account Linking to authenticate the user
  3. Both Account Linkings return a common token X
  4. In the respective Flows, we use a Merge Profile Node to merge against this token X, which will merge the Alexa and Facebook profiles together by assigning another Contact ID X
  5. Now all profile values set on either channel are available to all channels and we can drive omni-channel personalization

What’s Next