The No NLU Connector is not an NLU Connector you can create, but one you can always select in an Endpoint. Setting the No NLU Connector in an Endpoint completely disables the NLU pipeline of COGNIGY.AI for that Endpoint, meaning that no Intents or Slots are found.

Using an external NLU System

The No NLU Connector is useful if you want to use your own NLU Engine or perform NLU with a third party service that COGNIGY.AI doesn't (yet) support natively. You can e.g. use an API Node in the beginning of your Flow to find an Intent for the user's sentence. You can also utilize the power of the Cognigy Integration Framework to create a reusable Node that connects to your NLU system.


Creating Custom Modules

Using the Cognigy Integration Framework to create a Custom Module that connects to your external NLU system allows you to easily connect to the NLU system from many different Flows without having to worry about having duplicate information stored in API Nodes across Flows.

Controlling timing of NLU Execution

The No NLU Connector can also be used to control the timing of NLU Execution. Per default, the COGNIGY.AI NLU Pipeline is run before the Flow is executed, but you might want to execute certain parts of your Flow before running NLU to have greater control of when e.g. an Intent is triggered. You can achieve this by using the No NLU Connector in your Endpoints and then use the Execute Cognigy NLU Node when you want to execute the COGNIGY.AI NLU Pipeline.