Multiple Locale Support


With Google Actions, you can have one project with multiple locales, so that users from all over the world can connect using their language. If you e.g. want to add a German Flow as an Action to your project, you simple create a new Action package with the locale "de" that connects to your German Flow:

    "locale": "de",
    "actions": [{
        "description": "Default Welcome Intent",
        "name": "MAIN",
        "fulfillment": {
            "conversationName": "connectToCognigy"
        "intent": {
            "name": "actions.intent.MAIN"
      "conversations": {
        "connectToCognigy": {
          "name": "connectToCognigy",
            "url": "",
              "inDialogIntents": [
                  "name": "actions.intent.CANCEL"

You can now execute the same command as before in order to add a German Action to your project. You can even update multiple packages at the same time:

./gactions update --action_package --action_package action.en.json --project my-project-id

Go here for more information.