A MongoDB Connection can be used to easily connect to your MongoDB server. With Cognigy.AI 3.6.0 we have introduced the ability for you to switch between two ways of specifying your connection information:

  • by specifying a fully compliant connection string (new, introduced in 3.6.0)
  • by specifying individual fields for your connection (old)

Specifying a connection string is the preferred way as it will give you the ability to e.g. connect to MongoDB replica-sets and we made it the default settings for new connections. You can always switch between specifying a connection-string or the individual fields by using the mode dropdown. If you rely on specifying individual fields, we will build a connection string for you. By using individual fields you will not be able to connect to a replica-set or a shard.


Using a full connection-string.

Once you have entered either a connection string or the individual fields, you can use the Test Connection button in order to validate that Cognigy can connect to your database.

Use the MongoDB Connection

After you've set up the MongoDB Connection, you can use it in a Mongo DB Node within a Flow.

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