Microsoft LUIS



The Microsoft LUIS NLU Connector uses the LUIS NLU engine to score the intent of the user's sentence and to extract slots. This guide covers the necessary prerequisites for setting up the LUIS NLU Connector, and how to connect a LUIS app to a LUIS NLU Connector.

Setting up a LUIS app

In order to use the LUIS NLU Connector, a working LUIS app is required. To setup the app, follow the guides below:


Publishing in production

Note that it is required to publish your app in production in order for the NLU Connector to work


Use Cognigy Default Replies

To use Cognigy Default Replies, you have to replicate the LUIS intent name as a Cognigy intent, but without giving it any example sentences. Then you can use Default Replies just like you do with Cognigy.

Setting up the LUIS NLU Connector

Creating the NLU Connector

To create a LUIS NLU Connector, navigate to the Cognigy.AI project and add a new resource of type NLU Connector. Give it a name and select the type LUIS.


Creating a LUIS NLU Connector

Retrieving the Authentication URL from LUIS

In order for the NLU Connector to connect to the LUIS app, it needs an authentication URL, which can be found in the LUIS app. In the LUIS app, navigate to Manage > Azure Resources and copy the Example Query as seen in the screenshot below. Paste this URL into the Authentication URL field in the LUIS Settingsof the NLU Connector


Getting the Authentication URL from LUIS


Adding the Authentication URL to the NLU Connector

Using the LUIS NLU Connector

To use the LUIS NLU Connector, open an Endpoint in Cognigy.AI, and select the LUIS NLU Connector from the list of NLU Connectors. The Endpoint will then forward the messages to your LUIS app for intent scoring and slots extraction.


Using the LUIS NLU Connector in an Endpoint