Getting started with Logs

In the Projects Dashboard, select Logs from the Secondary Action ... button in the top right.


You can follow those logs live, they will be automatically appended when new log outputs are being emitted.

Also, you can load the history of log entries that happened before.

Log entries

Each log entry consists of a timestamp, the log type, the log message and additional metadata.

Display settings

Within the sidebar you have the option to hide timestamps or metadata


You can choose to display or hide log entries by log type (info / error / debug) from within the sidebar. Also, you can filter the loaded log entries by flow name and user name (also simultaneously).

Live logging

You can disable and reenable the live log feature by toggling a switch in the sidebar.


Copying Log Entries

For browser performance reasons the log list is virtualized, which means that only the log entries that you see currently exist in your browser. This prevents scrolling and copying more lines than there're currently in your view.