Intent Trainer


With the Intent Trainer, you can use the input from your users to improve the accuracy of your Machine Learing Intents. You can add an input text from a user as an example sentence to a selected ML Intent, or add it to the Reject Intent of your Flow.

The Intent Trainer can be opened in the Flow Editor (see Figure 1).


Figure 1: Intent Trainer Icon in the Flow Editor



Tracked User Input

Only user input, which is declared as not-understood, will be displayed in the Intent Trainer. You can check whether an input is understood via the Input Object. There you'll find the understood property which has a value of true or false.

Keep in mind that any input that contains a keyphrase will be declared as understood.

If you open the Intent Trainer, you get a list of input sentences that users said to this Flow. By default, they are ordered by counting how often these sentences were said. You can also sort them by timestamp, then the sentences will be ordered by the most recent date they were said.

By default, you get a list of user input where no Intent or Slots were found (see Figure 2). If you select the 'Only show understood inputs' option, you get the understood input sentences. The understood sentences where a Slot but no Intent was found, are marked red. If the Intent score was 1 when the user said the sentence, it is not included in the Intent Trainer list.


Figure 2: List of Inputs not Hitting an Intent

After handling an input sentence (cf. infra) and saving your changes, the sentence will be marked as reviewed and will not show up in the list next time. If you want to inspect the reviewed input sentences, select the 'Include reviewed' option.


Select Intent

If you click the 'Select Intent' button, you can select a ML Intent from your main Flow or from one of the attached flows. The input sentence will be added as an example sentence to the Intent after saving your changes in the Intent Trainer.


If you select 'Reject', the input sentence will be added to the Reject Intent from your main Flow. Next time a user says this sentence, it will not match any Intent.

You can also see the list of rejected sentences in the Intents panel of the Flow Editor (see Figure 3).


Figure 3: Rejected Sentences


If you select 'Delete', the input sentence will be deleted from the Intent Trainer records, so it will not show up in the list any more until a user says this sentence again.

Confirm Intent

For input sentences where an Intent was matched (listed if you disabled to 'No match' option), you can also select 'Confirm intent'. The input sentence will be added as an example sentence to the Intent that was matched when the user said the sentence.

Deleting all Intent Trainer Records

You can delete all of your intent trainer records, if e.g. your Flow has changed a lot since the records were generated, or if you have just exported your records to another environment. To delete all of the intent trainer records, click on the secondary menu in the upper right corner and click on Delete Intent Trainer Records.



Deleting intent trainer records cannot be reverted

Deleting the intent trainer records will delete them permanently. It is therefore advised to do an export of all of the records and import them into another environment to validate before deleting the records