Integrating Handover into a Flow


You can integrate the Live Chat in your Flow by using the Handover Node. If this Node is triggered, a Handover request from the Contact is sent, which can be handled by a support agent in the Live Chat UI.

Once a Handover was requested, the normal execution of the Flow is paused until the Contact who is waiting for a support agent cancels the request, or until an agent finishes the conversation. Before the conversation with an agent started, the Contact can cancel the request and go back to the normal flow execution by triggering a selected intent or a dedicated quick reply.

The Handover Node has the following fields:

TextCognigyScriptDefault text to output if the Handover was requested
Quick ReplyCognigyScriptThe text for a quick reply button that cancels the Handover request
Cancel IntentSelectThe intent the user has to trigger to cancel the Handover request
UnavailableCognigyScriptDefault text to output if the Live Chat service is unavailable
Unsupported ChannelCognigyScriptDefault text to output if the channel that the user is using, does not support Live Chat