General Usage Information

Creating a Node

You can create Nodes by either selecting the desired Node via the Create Node menu of an existing Node, or by pasting copied Nodes.

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Removing a Node

To remove a Node you can either delete or cut it. If you choose to cut the Node, you can paste it at the location of your choice (see "Paste a Node" below). If you delete it, it is gone but can be restored by reverting the change. Removing a Node also removes all of its child Nodes.

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Copy a Node

You can copy a Node with the corresponding menu option. This also copies all child Nodes (e.g. all the Case and Default Nodes and their children, if you copy a Switch Node).


Paste a Node

You can only successfully paste a Node after having previously copied or cut it. You can only paste a Node if the selected Node is able to have children (e.g. a Say Node is unable to).



You can change the order of Nodes by using the sort option. This may be necessary to have Flow outputs in the right order. The sort options exclude the selected Node's position.


Add Comment

You can add additional information about Nodes in the Node Comment. To add a comment, simply click on the corresponding option.


You can edit the comment's content and color. To delete the comment, select the delete option in the menu on the bottom left.


Add Label

Adding a Label replaces the bottom text line of a Node. This allows you to have a Node functionality summary that is directly visible in the Flow editor.

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