General Settings


Here you're able to set up all the general information for the Endpoint like the name, the underlying Flow (and its version), the NLU Connector and whether the Endpoint is enabled or not (see Figure 1).

An important piece of information is displayed at the top of the configuration page: the Endpoint URL which is used by the Channels (Alexa, Messenger etc.) for streamlining incoming and outgoing events.


Figure 1: General Settings



The name of the specific Endpoint.


Toggle to activate or deactivate the Endpoint.

Target Flow

The Flow which should be used to process the inputs from the corresponding channel. You can also set the version of the flow.


Linking to "latest" Flow Versions

It is not recommended to link to the "latest" version of Flows in production setups, as each incoming message will result in the Flow being loaded anew from the database. Only use during development, testing or in low-volume scenarios.

NLU Connector

The NLU Connector which should be used to perform the Natural Language Processing.

For the NLU Connector you can set every NLU Connector you've created within your project. The default value is the Cognigy NLU.