Find Value


Deprecation Warning

This function is deprecated as of v3.2 and will be removed in the near future


A Find Value Node is used to find values related to a specific word. For instance, if there is a specific number related to the word, as in the sentence "I have 2 apples", it will be stored in the context.

TypeSelectThe type of value to find. Can be a number or text.
SearchValueCognigyScriptThe word to find related values for.
ContextKeyCognigyScriptThe key in the context where you want to store the result.


It can be that you want to know how many pizzas a customer wants. In this case, you can create a Find Value node with the type "number", the searchValue "pizza", and the contextKey: "pizzaCount". If the customer then says: "I want to order 3 pizzas", the number 3 will be stored in the context under the key "pizzaCount", and you will thereby know how many pizzas your customer wants.