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Rate Limiting on Graph API

Since we're performing request to the Graph API we could possibly reach the rate limit of your app. This could cause that you cannot receive or submit your current settings. You'll receive a notification as soon as you've reached the limit.

For further informations please visit:


this page describes how to use the tools for our Facebook Messenger endpoint. The tools provide an easy to use solution for adding and editing whitelisted domains for you Facebook page and a UI for setting up a get started button and a persistent menu for the Facebook Messenger on your page.

Whitelisted Domains

The whitelisted domains list defines

third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger webview

See also their documentation for further details.

Enter the URLs you want to whitelist for your Facebook page (see Figure 1).


Figure 1: Whitelisted Domains

You have to whitelist the following URL to render our date picker (set in Conversational Forms):


Messenger Settings

With the implementation of a get started button you can force the contact who is chatting with your Facebook Messenger bot to send an initial predefined (postback) message.

You can also add a persistent menu which is always accessible in your Facebook Messenger webview. It can be used to add postback buttons or buttons that link to a different page.


Get Started Button & Persistent Menu

In order to enable a persistent menu you have to first add a get started button.

See the requirements for the persistent menu at:

Get Started Button

You can set the payload of the get started button by using the payload field.


Figure 2: Get Started Button Settings

Persistent Menu

The persistent menu supports different settings which are listed and explained in the next section.


Default Locale

Currently we only support the setup of the default locale.

Disable Composer InputDisables the text input field if set to true.
Postback ButtonWill send a message to the bot on click.
Web ButtonWill redirect the user to the URL on click.