Run Process



Node Name Change

This Node has previously been called Execute Form and Execute Process.

The Run Process Node is used to execute a Process in your Flow. When the Node is hit in your Flow, it will begin executing the Process selected in the Node until the Process is finished or the user aborts the Process. All values collected by the Process will be stored in the Context.


Lock your Flow!

If you enable InheritIntents, Cognigy will use the attach Flow mechanism, so be sure to lock your Flow!

ProcessIdSelectA dropdown of all the Processes in your Project. The selected Process will be executed when the Node is hit.
InheritIntentsBooleanWhether to inherit the Intents of the calling Flow or not.
ContextStoreCognigyScriptWhere in the Context to store the results of the Process.
InjectedResultsJSONObject with answers to Process Questions. These questions will not be asked again.

A Run Process Node has two child Nodes: an On Finish Node and an On Abort Node.

On Finish

When the Process is finished and the user completed the entire Process, then the Node On Finish will be executed. This is a Node that is automatically created when you create a Run Process Node, and you can attach anything you want to this Node. This means that you can, for instance, attach an API Node here in order to send a request to some service with the results of the Process, you can attach a Say Node to further guide the user through your conversation and much more.

On Abort

When the Process is aborted by the user, then the subnode On Abort will be executed. As with the On Finish Node, you can attach every kind of Node you want here in order to gracefully handle the case when the user doesn't want to complete your Process. The utterance to abort the process can be set in the "stop message" field in the process settings (upper right menu in the process).



Cognigy.AI checks how often a Run Process Node was hit without a user input inbetween. The default setting for maximum loops is 4, but it is configurable for on-premise installations.