The DialogFlow NLU Connector uses Dialogflows NLU engine in either version 1 or 2 of the API.

Dialogflow version 1

If your Dialogflow Agent is still using the v1 API, then you need to select v1 in the version dropdown and insert the Client Access Token of your Dialogflow Agent.


Dialogflow version 2

If your Dialogflow Agent uses the v2 API, then the first thing you need to do is to create a Secret. The Secret will store the private key of your Dialogflow Service Account, which is necessary in order to make authenticated API calls to your Dialogflow agent. In order to obtain this private key, follow this guide to download the private key in JSON format: https://dialogflow.com/docs/reference/v2-auth-setup

When you have the private key, you have to create a Secret Item in your Secret and store the private key there.


Creating the Secret Item

You can now create a Dialogflow NLU Connector and select v2 in the version dropdown. Afterwards, you have to input the projectId of your Dialogflow Agent and select the Secret that contains your private key.