Deploy an AudioCodes Endpoint


With the implementation of an AudioCodes Endpoint you can easily talk to your bots within our platform by calling them through the AudioCodes Voice Gateway.

This How-to covers the necessary steps for creating and configuring an AudioCodes Endpoint.


AudioCodes Voice Gateway platform

To link an AudioCodes Cognigy.AI Endpoint to a number within the AudioCodes platform, please contact your AudioCodes representative in order to provision and configure a number.

Two Step Preparation Process

  1. Create an AudioCodes Endpoint in COGNIGY.AI
  2. Connect the Endpoint to a Voice AI Gateway

1. Create an AudioCodes Endpoint

Location: COGNIGY.AI

In the first step let's create an AudioCodes Endpoint in COGNIGY.AI. In order to do this, navigate to your project, click on the button in the lower-left corner and select the Endpoint icon.


Create an AudioCodes Endpoint

After you have created your Endpoint, configure e.g. the Flow your new Endpoint points to and copy the Endpoint URL.


The configuration interface of an AudioCodes Endpoint

2. Connect the Endpoint to a Voice AI Gateway

You have now finished the setup of our AudioCodes Endpoint within our software platform. You can now enter the Endpoint URL into the configuration of your Voice AI Gateway.


Use Correct URL

If using Voice AI Gateway, please make sure to append /CreateConversation to your Endpoint URL.


Don't have a Voice AI Gateway Installation

If you don't have a Voice AI Gateway, you can start a free trial or purchase a number at


AudioCodes Voice gateway platform

Please be aware that we can't support you with the process of configuring and allocating a phone number in the AudioCodes platform. Directly contact your AudioCodes representative in case you have any questions regarding their platform or its functionality.