Building Flows for Support Agents

Support Agents can use special "Agent Flows" which support them with e.g. querying data or formatting data in a special way.

Any Flow can be marked as an "Agent Flow" in the Flow Overview Settings.

If a Flow is marked as an "Agent Flow", it will be selectable in the Bot Chat panel in the Live Chat UI.

An Agent can then talk to that Flow to get additional information (like an additional Conversational AI for the Agent).

In addition to that, an agent can also forward messages from the Bot Chat to his current Live Chat, making full use of a Channel's special output options, such as Messenger Cards.

Typical use cases would be:

  • letting the agent query information with a clear request
  • sending Cards with link buttons to the user

Keep in mind that "postback"-type quick replies and buttons do not make sense as long as the Contact is talking to an Agent.

If you want to set context data for the session that will be available after the handover conversation was finished, you can forward a message to the Contact with a data object which has a key "_injectContext" . If you forward the following data, {"key": "value"} will be available in the context after the conversation in the Live Chat was finished:

  "_injectContext": {
    "key": "value"